Ark Survival Evolved

Explore the ancient lands of ARK: Survival Evolved with your personal ARK Server Hosting at AIM! Build your own perfect, super fast and powerful game server where you are the only one who sets the game rules and plays the way you want. Ready instantly and set to deploy.

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$ 10.98 /mo

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Robust Infrastructure & Performance

It's at the heart of everything we do. Because gamers look out for one another.

Load Balancing Load Balancing
The video game and e-sports sector is one of the most popular targets for DDoS attacks. As a result, it is essential for hosting platforms to be able to mitigate these frequent and massive threats. This is why we have developed specific anti-DDoS protection for this activity.
Our SLA Promise
All servers in the range have an SLA of 99.90%, giving you the highest availability for your gaming needs; and yes, we do not overload our infrastructure. Long gone are your days of lag spikes.
Cloud Backups
Our backup service is unbeatable and costs you nothing. All backups no matter how intesive are independent from the server, we truly take care of everything. If a server goes down, we've got you covered.